The Best Shrimp Recipes From Around the World

Introduction: What is a Shrimp?

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Shrimp is a type of crustacean that is most commonly found in the saltwater of the ocean. They are also found in freshwater and brackish water.

Shrimp have a long tail and they have small antennae on their head. Their body is covered with a thin layer of exoskeleton, which protects them from predators. They have ten pairs of legs, five on each side of their body.

There are many dishes that use shrimp as an ingredient as well as other types of seafood like lobster and fish.

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Shrimp from Around the World

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The world is full of a variety of delicious shrimp recipes.

In the Eastern Hemisphere, people enjoy eating shrimp as a starter or as an appetizer. In the Mediterranean, they are served in salads, while in Asia they are often eaten in soups and stir fries.

In the Western Hemisphere, people love to eat shrimp as tacos or with mayonnaise. They are also used to make delicious shrimp cocktail or ceviche.

Conclusion: The Best Shrimp Recipes from Around the World


The best shrimp recipes are those that are simple, fresh, and easy to make. They are also those that use the best ingredients from around the world. The recipes in this section should be enough to satisfy any appetite for shrimp.

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